What is writing coaching?

A writing coach helps writers hone their craft and stay focused while giving valuable feedback. Sessions may be given one-on-one or through workshops.

This role emphasizes the writing coach as the consultant and expert in their field.

They may act more as a guide and literary tutor when needed or give constructive guidance on specific projects, whether it’s a book, a script, short stories, articles, poetry or any other writing goal. A writing coach helps you find and then write from your original unique voice.

They might help you from the inception of the process through to publication. They share tips, techniques and advice in helping you achieve your writing aspirations while overcoming blocks and procrastination.

Writers who wish to receive ongoing guidance and instruction take on a writing coach. The nitty-gritty of writing often comes down to the craft of writing and a writing coach can provide grammar critique and instruction, copyediting and detailed feedback on your manuscripts. When choosing a Writing coach, look into their background. Have they studied writing at university, have they been published, are they professional or have studied under professionals?

When to hire a Writing Coach

A writing coach is able to relate to the challenges you faces a writer and offer solutions as you struggle to overcome personal and creative blocks. 

Similar to an editor a writing coach will bring out the best in your writing

As in other types of coaching, a writing coach holds you accountable and encourages you to create realistic goals and to complete your projects.