What is Coaching?
With guidance and support coaching becomes an essential tool for personal and professional success and well being.

For most people, coaching is associated with world sport champions or those who train for Olympic medals. However, "COACHING" has evolved into a professional arena that goes way beyond the traditional beginnings. Below I've included definitions of different kinds of coaching that I have experience with, that might relate to your needs.

What is ADHD coaching?
What is business coaching?
What is career coaching?
What is dating coaching?
What is executivecoaching?
What is financial coaching?
What is life coaching?
What is team coaching?
What is writing coaching?

Coaching has evolved as a profession and is now widely accepted as an essential tool for personal achievement and the edge needed to reach your potential.

The advantage of hiring a coach is having the guidance and support needed to achieve personal and professional success.
Coaching is a supportive relationship that is neither counseling nor therapy.

Our goal as coaches is to help you reach clarity on what you want out of life, what are your challenges and co-creating solutions and actions together based on your values and commitment.

Based on the discovery of your values, goals, priorities, and vision of success, Coaching focuses on what’s most important to you.

For successful people on the top of their careers, a coach helps with behavioral shifts that deal with the pressures of a stressful work environment and the demands that go with it.

Coaching helps to improve the quality of your personal and professional life, bringing back the work/life balance.

Coaching can help you achieve a clearer sense of life purpose, meaning, and direction or professional career advancement.

But most importantly, Coaching promotes the benefits this balance and clarity in the aim of improving your personal and work relationships.

In coaching we encourage you to discover the answers, because we ask questions that guide you to achieve results that are meaningful to you.

How it Works:

We start of with a complimentary phone conversation, where I hear why you are looking for a coach and I explain what I do and how I think I can help you. We then agree to meet for an intake session, that consists of the client going deep into their story and giving a full background, where by I can assess if we can work together and my feed back will let you know if I am getting you. Once a good report is established between coach and client, we agree to give a 3 month commitment to the process and a coaching agreement is signed. We work 3 weeks of each month, which includes short phone calls and emails if necessary.

When committed to this creative process, we will work together to create an action plan. I encourage you to set realistic goals while holding you accountable, small results build momentum. Coaching is inspiring, it also motivates self-discovery, clarifying goals, encouraging self-generated solutions. A shift in your thinking will happen. When you think differently and your outlook changes what you do and how you do it also shifts.

Coaching delivers a conversation that creates extraordinary results.