What is team coaching?

Team coaching accelerates productivity and performance and helps to navigate change and challenges more easily in the work place. It starts with leveraging the unique strengths and capabilities of each person in the team. The results enhance communication and therefore better teamwork.

When there is a mechanism to identify common visions and values, there is an increase in positivity and an impact on the quality of the relationships.

By creating a positive environment, it thereby releases positive emotions rather than negative ones.

The individuals of the team become more resilient and see new possibilities in themselves and grow in confidence with each other's abilities.

When the quality of interpersonal relationships are strengthened this has a great impact on the group as a whole.

Having a common vision that the team can agree on, increases productivity and performance. Team coaching works with those teams that are just forming or those that have been functioning for years.

In team and group coaching, there are assessment tools, team building techniques and brainstorming exercises that have been shown to impact very innovative breakthroughs.

To encourage and support cooperation and collaboration rather than a competitive work environment is the goal of team coaching.