Six Thinking Hats: a creativity coaching approach to lateral brainstorming.

How does our exploration and understanding of Creativity, Intuition, Inspiration, Innovation and Play help me coach?

I believe that delivering coaching with a Creative approach has a powerful affect on my clients. It is through experiential learning and processes that I see my clients achieve a shift in perception and there by reach their goals.

The question for all coaches is how do I help my clients reach clarity.

I have discovered that creating a safe place to ‘play’, to explore the issues and challenges within a designed process, has a profound impact on the group and the individuals involved. Experiential learning is tactile, visual, visceral and somatic. The ICF defines Coaching as a thought-provoking, creative and collaborative process, designed to help clients maximize their personal and professional potential.

Creativity is defined as a mental and social process involving the discovery of new ideas or associations between existing ideas or concepts and is fueled by the process of either conscious or unconscious insight.

it is my belief that the Creative process is a way to help clients reach their goals.

The same motivation found in the best organizations that actively seeks out processes to address challenges, works as well for individuals. There are huge benefits in gaining breakthrough results including a competitive edge and the empowerment of reaching personal achievements.

Where do you think ingenuity and imagination come from?

It does Not exist in a vacuum!

Some believe that Creative people are passionate people, and are a tremendous asset. I believe we are all Creative and that by nurturing this, you become an asset to your families, friends, community and above all to yourself!

The way I see it, this about being authentic, celebrating your uniqueness, this is not about talent. Creativity coaching to me includes the following: Everyone is born with the potential to be Creative. We nurture and teach this to our children.

When you observe children, you notice, This is innate, this is fun, this is play!!

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” Albert Einstein

The intuitive mind is making connections, is creating new possibilities, not allowing this innate ability to blossom, only honoring the rational has most of us stuck. Edward de Bono recognized that we are in love with our rational minds and we get stuck thinking in the same ways to cope with our challenges. He developed the study of ‘How’ we think, in order to facilitate new ways of thinking.

His concepts of Lateral and Parallel Thinking has had a great impact on modern cognitive thinking and philosophy.

There is a scientific reality to our brain structure: Scientists can physically locate where we store our thinking ability. This is a fundamental human trait.

Being Creative, intuitive, using your imagination, being inspired and innovative is all about generating ideas, breaking out of familiar ways and patterns, becoming flexible, seeing things from different angles and invoking analytical- out side the box thinking while invoking new associations.

But as you know, we tend to get stuck in old thinking habits or we try to persuade others to our point of view. Since the time of Socrates, the dialectic method of reasoning has triumphed. Winning the argument is the goal, certainly not by listening or being collaborative or co-creating as the coaching profession advocates.

We are indeed at the crux of a paradigm shift!

The reality for most of us is that in order to be productive in our daily lives, we might need to work in teams, or on a more personal level, get unstuck to move forward!

Most importantly, I applaud my courageous clients as they try new things, get past their worries of being right, wrong or ‘good enough’ and taking chances, even if they may appear foolish.

Combining Edward de Bono’s Six Thinking Hat method and Coaching, there is an establishment of a safe process that permits the participants to shift and direct their thinking.

In groups this promotes the team to be on the same page at the same time: which is Parallel Thinking.

The advantage of Parallel Thinking is that the energy used for resolving challenges and reaching goals is not wasted by arguing or convincing others, but in co-creating results.

The technique of the Six thinking hats is simple six-thinking-hats-beckibecki Depending on the color of the hat, the focus is directed in a specific direction: POSITIVE, NEGATIVE, EMOTIONAL, CREATIVE, FACTUAL and the FOCUS is directed by the Coach position.

As the participants wear each hat – WHITE(facts, neutral), RED emotions, feelings), YELLOW(positive), BLACK(negative), GREEN(Creative, imagination), or BLUE(holds the space, the focus) – they all must think a certain way at the same time.

The workshops are designed so that each of the participants will experience exercises that enable them to leave their comfort zone while emphasizing the importance of listening, communicating, sharing, being in the here and now and collaborating.

As a creativity coach, I help my clients express their imagination and Creativity, which are independent of talent.

Their willingness to participate in the Creative process can be extremely rewarding.

It’s a way to discover new creative solutions and options. It helps to reconnect to the pleasure of play and the importance of fun.

Creativity tools and techniques helps you to discover different options, learn to generate a variety of solutions and connect to new ideas.

It helps you to become more aware, present and in the moment.

It can help you become aware and start to notice your many filters and the paradigms that control you so that I can help you, my client, achieve your highest goals.