Life coaching uses inquiry, reflection and the coaching conversation to identify and clarify personal goals.

With the help of new tools and techniques, life coaching enables you to achieve sustainable personal growth. Life coaching inspires you to uncover unique inner resources and is a powerful tool for transformation. We recommend that you hire a Life Coach that has been trained and certified by unaccredited association.

If you are thinking of becoming a Life Coach we recommend that you do the research to find the best Program that feels right for you. In choosing a Life Coach, take your time to find one that is the right fit for you.

Life coaching does not assert any claim to therapy, but the results can be therapeutic. Developing action plans to achieve personal goals only works when you are accountable, and having a

Life Coach who is supporting you in the most objective way, does just that!

From International Coach Federation (ICF web site)

Coaching can help with a variety of goal areas. Findings from the 2010 ICF Global Consumer Awareness Study, showed that more than two-fifths (42.6 percent) of respondents who had experienced coaching chose "optimize individual and/or team performance" as their motivation for being coached.

This reason ranked highest followed by "expand professional career opportunities" at 38.8 percent and "improve business management strategies" at 36.1 percent.

Other more personal motivations like "increase self-esteem/self-confidence" and "manage work/life balance" rated fourth and fifth to round out the top five motivation areas.