Hoffman Process:
 Change Patterns and find healing; it is possible.
A review of this 8 day Retreat.

In coaching terms and in creativity coaching, the client is on a quest for awareness in order to achieve desired goals. This might require new abilities and the necessity to examine or change patterns with new co-creative tools.

At times, a client might come up against a ‘wall’, and seek healing as an essential ingredient for personal growth.

The Hoffman Process dives deep into these waters with amazing results.

Bob Hoffman gained a solid reputation by helping some of the toughest clients in a circle of San Francisco area therapists. From 1967-1997 he worked in the US, South America, Europe and the UK.

Hoffman Process technique: a sequence of exercises that moves the participants from awareness of blocks to finding expression, followed by Self-forgiveness and then new behavior. Hoffman realized that the “brightest of people could fall into self-destructive behavior, so the answer could not lie in intellectual reasoning”.

He believed that the gap between intellectual awareness and emotional health arises from the fact that we learn our habits emotionally, and therefore change is not always possible by talking or reasoning alone.

When you’ve tried to change with the best of intentions: read the books, taken the workshops, hired the coach, seen the therapists, made the promises, and still… it might take something extra for you to change fundamentally.

Hoffman’s method consists of an 8-day residential retreat based on his theory, The Negative Love Syndrome, which states that all of our patterns are learned in the first 12 years of our lives from our care-givers.

Hoffman’s Quadrinity Model describes the healing and integration of
4 parts of our being

  • Body
  • Emotional self
  • Intellectual self
  • higher or spiritual self

The Hoffman Process provides tools to get past the learned beliefs and patterns that hinder personal growth.

Sometimes we become aware of patterns, but remain stuck in repeating them: Awareness Hell! The Hoffman Process trusts “in the essential health and goodness of humanity”. This is a coaching fundamental.

The Hoffman process promotes awareness of patterns as well and offers pathways and tools when we are stuck in awareness hell.

“The unexamined life is not worth living”, said Socrates. To bring about a change or shift we need to actually travel beyond what we know, to grapple with our patterns and learned behaviors and only then can we change. The Hoffman Process asserts that patterns (behaviors that occur again and again) are learned and can be unlearned. Hoffman speaks to our deep need for healing and that spiritual health as essential in our development.

Joan Borysenko, best-selling author and co-founder of Harvard’s Mind-Body Clinic, said that since doing the Hoffman Process herself, “One of the most concrete changes I have experienced is the steady increase of joy and gratitude that began to bubble up. Another change is that I find it nearly impossible to blame and shame myself or anyone else”.

In spite of the fantastic amount of patterns that can stop us from living our lives the way we authentically want to, we can achieve healing through the Hoffman process. Get to where you want to go. Find Clarity, make a Shift, get unstuck, Live your Vision.