What is Executive Coaching?

Executive Coaching focuses its attention on leader development, not as a “fix it tool», but by supporting those leaders towards greater achievements and potential.

For many firms, having a coach is seen as a badge of honor and reaches into the highest levels such as CEOs and senior executives. IBM has more than sixty certified executive coaches and scores of other major corporations have made coaching a core part of their executive development strategies.

Executive Coaching supports top talent and leverages their strengths, optimizing their performance. Some companies will bring in a coach when there is significant structural and cultural change, to sharpen the skills of individuals identified as potential future leaders, and to enhance executive team dynamics.

For whatever the reason, it is this confidential, independent and objective sounding board that is beneficial in helping these executives. As an executive gets promoted, their once close confidents now report directly to them and a real unbiased feedback is beneficial, otherwise many executives plateau in their interpersonal and leadership skills.

For senior executives, they may want to focus on the challenges of managing thirteen, especially if there is a generational gap or interpersonal issues.

Often, an executive will realize that a change in behaviour either for themselves or their team can make a difference in the success of the organization. This would imply new ways of thinking regarding ‘old problems’. A coach can be the outsidevoice to help navigate the causes when efforts to change themselves, the team or company have hit a roadblock. The coach will guide fundamental changes to prevent frustration and burn out.

Executive coaching includes career transition, interpersonal and professional communication skills, performance management, strategic thinking, and effective conflict resolution.

And most importantly, it develops leaders in the context of their work environment, without removing them from their day-to-day.