What is dating coaching?

Dating or Relationship Coaching is geared for those who want to improve their success in dating and relationships.

A dating coach helps you meet potential partners that are compatible while giving you an honest, objective sounding board to your dating life.

Some of the focus might be on the art of successful dating: interpersonal skills, flirting, reading body language, etiquette, compatibility, fashion sense of humor. A dating coach will help you get ready for a relationship and for the right person for you. The dating process for some may be tiring and frustrating so the emphasis for many Dating Coaches is to ask you who you are being, what are your needs rather than your wants.

There are learned skills to make dates turn into relationships and then skills to create, attract and keep the relationship that you desire.

We all have blind spots and coaching helps you to discover what they are through greater self-awareness. Whether you are a man or woman, changing ‘whom’ you are attracted to and the way you choose your partner are under re-examination.

Being serious about finding a long-term relationship or marriage means identifying and changing patterns, so that you can shift your perspective.

Some of the simplest blocks you may face is in understanding how you come across to the opposite sex, how they think or how you may be sabotaging your relationships without realizing it.

One of the hardest obstacles for some is focusing on what is needed in a relationship such as being consistent, having integrity (doing what they say) or being considerate rather than being blinded by ‘chemistry’ and ‘potential’.

A dating coach is useful if you are craving a healthy relationship (love, commitment, communication, kindness, connection) and you wish to shift away from patterns and gain tools and techniques to improve your chance for love.