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Do you ever wonder how to think creatively? Co-creative-coaching-corner-beckibecko
Would you like support on how to identify and change negative habits? I can help you find techniques to stop critical thinking.

Often we get stuck thinking in the same way, so I suggest exploring new tools and developing techniques to stop critical thinking This will help you to see your challenges in a new light and spark your very own intuitive and innovative solutions. Ideas that motivate a better action plan are exciting and before you know it, gets you to think outside the box and unstuck!

Co-creative solutions is a chapter like a treasure chest. I encourage you to dig in, explore and try out different ideas:

This co-creative solutions chapter includes: Case studies, Ways of Thinking Creatively, Keys To Success, ways of dealing with Critical Thinking, Powers of the mind, the Hoffman Process, Multiple Intelligences Theory, ways of Being Inspired and Having Fun.

Case Studies: Hearing stories of other’s who have overcome personal and professional challenges and adversity will motivate and get you to be inspired by their examples.

Ways of Thinking Creatively: Articles to inspire, sparkle, tickle and amuse you. I present thought provoking ways at looking at creative thought and inspiration.

Keys To Success: I will share articles and ideas of successful action plans, people and the newest theories to reach excellence and new levels of abundance and balance.

Ways of dealing with Critical Thinking: Critical Self talk can paralyze you or ruin a perfectly good day, I have suggestions for awareness and ways to shift these destructive patterns.

Multiple Intelligences Theory : Getting to know yourself, exploring and discovering your strengths within the Multiple Intelligence theory and other different Ways of being Inspired.

Hoffman Process : A process that is known to many as a way to break negative patterns, learn take away tools, and heal the past.

And don’t forget Fun, the art of play as a way to spark your innovation and imagination.

A Co-Creative Coaching Corner Way!!

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