What is Career Coaching?

Career coaching addresses all the issues surrounding career choices.

The differences between career coaching and traditional career guidance, is that issues around work and career are talked about in a coach like manner rather than the traditional advice giving, mentoring and consulting. Coaching believes that the client, you, can find the solution that is perfect for you, because you are the expert on your life.

You have the wisdom, instinct and intuition to know what is best for you.

Career Coaches help you uncover what it is you really want by having you discover what you value most and what are your core beliefs.

This deeper understanding will help you decide and re-discover what are your priorities.

Career coaching helps those navigate the best way to manage a career path that maximizes your potential.

This personal and professional development works for those who are already in the midst of their careers, just starting out or those asking what’s next?

Perhaps you are struggling with other aspects of your life/work balance? A career coach focuses on you, and all aspects of your life that your career impacts.