Action Plan: The Key to Success! Learn how to build an Action Plan with Creative Coaching Tools

In order to create movement from where you are now to where or what you would like to be, it always feel better to have a plan.

In co-creative coaching, this is your action plan .

I have many suggestions in this regard, but the basic co-creative formula consist of:

First Secondly Thirdly Fourth
Assessing your current situation.
What are the main facts without embellishing or diminishing your reality as you see it.
Try to be as objective as possible without putting a positive or negative spin.
Be as honest with yourself as possible.
Define your goals.
Figure out what you want in the long term and work backwards to get an overview.
When you get really clear on what you want decide on a time frame.
Your action plan is now taking shape.
You have your goals and an end time.
Figure out what areas need to be targeted, improved upon or strengthened in order to make this happen for your self within your time frame.
Maybe you need to practice, maybe you need to take courses or do research, maybe you need a new web site, what ever you think will support your goals.
It is now time
to make a commitment to yourself to implement the steps necessary to achieve your goals.

I truly believe that it helps to have a coach to be the catalyst supporting this process.

The advantage of someone holding you accountable has traditionally been the realm of the elite, be it athletes or executives.

Yet now coaching has evolved as a profession and so has its scope. I hope that you will find many useful tips here to support your personal transformation.

When you identify your core strengths, prioritize responsibilities, restore work/life balance and accomplish goals, you are living more in your potential and that is what I nurture in the co-creative corner.