What is Money and Financial Coaching?

Money and Financial coaching uncovers your relationship to money. Prosperity may mean reconstructing your financial lives while accepting responsibility to demystify your deeply held beliefs about money.

A money coach will ask you to explore these treasured myths so that you can recognize and dismantle blocks and patterns that may be stopping you.

This is true for everyone regardless of what economic reality they are experiencing. We are equal in wanting financial security.

Money and Financial coaching also focuses on helping clients address financial goals, strengths and weaknesses rather than giving advice or education.

The process holds you accountable while you realize your financial aspirations. A coach encourages you towards personal financial health and what that would look like for you while supporting behavior change that might be holding you back.

These might include such things as procrastination or tendency towards short-term gains rather than long-term wellbeing and stability.

As in other forms of coaching, the encouragement and support given by a Financial Coach aids in goal clarification , establishing an action plan and success in unleashing your potential for prosperity.