Carrie Katz Creative brings you
Creativity Coaching:
Coaching with an eye on the creative nugget inside us all

Creativity coaching seems to be for those actively pursuing a talent, dream or career in the creative arts, multimedia, film, design or architecture, theatre or music. What is cretiviity coaching?

As a Creative, I believe that creativity lies within all of us as an innate human trait.

It is best expressed as imagination and innovation, which lends itself to our best human potential.

Since creativity is a basic characteristic of learning when young, everyone, and I mean EVERYONE has an equal chance to tap into this ability and that a healthy balanced person thrives because of this outlet.

You imagine the future, you cook, you garden, you listen to music, you may appreciate the arts or express yourself in countless ways.

Whether you are a mom, a student, a business owner/entrepreneur, an executive, a lawyer or in the entertainment business or anyone else, I encourage you to get in touch with your creative side. This Chapter focuses on all aspects of living a creative life whether creativity is essential to your chosen profession or just something missing from your life.

Some of the aspects of this section will focus on giving yourself permission to create and showing up.

We ask you to let go of the idea that to be creative means talent.

Let me introduce you to the kinds of thinking that stop you from reaching the next level such as how to replace perfectionism with loving the process, how to change the negative self chatter into the practice of self appreciation and getting unstuck and unblocked.

Creativity coaching actively inspires, helping you to call on your muse, encouraging a life in balance and creating a daily practice. These are the goals I believe in around living a more creative lifestyle.

Are you ready to turn the ‘do what you love’ into the ‘live the life you want’ and ‘make’ a living at it? Creativity coaching is spectacular at generating new ideas or new business ideas, but mostly I aim for you to have fun and express your unique self!

This chapter is for you, and we are more than happy to be brought into groups for seminars, retreats and I am currently available to coach individuals!

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