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The Co-Creative Coaching Corner

My Mission
Carrie Katz Creative: To encourage, inspire and motivate. In other words, to encourage you, my clients, to get out of your comfort zones, to inspire you towards cherished visions, goals and dreams and then, to motivate you into action. My goal is for you to experience fundamental shifts in perceptions and realize sustainable, measurable, inspired results.

Who Is Carrie Katz
While attending the Certified Coaching Program at Concordia University, it quickly became clear that coming from a creative career background would influence how and who I would coach.

I am a professional singer-songwriter, writer, performer-musician who worked in film and television. I have incorporated, in my own way a creative approach in everything I do with my clients.

Having worked as a Business Development Consultant for many years, becoming a coach was a natural step in including my passion about art, creativity and my calling to be a coach for those creatives working and aspiring in the creative fields.

“If for us coaching is the vehicle- then Creativity is the message”
Carrie Katz and Carole Rudzinski 2009

My Philosophy
I believe in enhancing personal and professional lives by focusing on balance. If your personal life is being neglected it will effect your work life. I also encourage individual expression and encourage the support of ideas that come from within your organization. Your people are your greatest resource! Companies, entrepreneurs, creatives and organizations today are looking for a competitive edge and an innovative approach, so I can bring this out by coaching individuals and teams to reach their maximum potential.

By investing in processes that bring out the best in yourself and/or in your people, you will foster breakthrough results. You might need help in tapping into this pool of talent and creativity. Creativity is essential in today’s environment in order to reach your potential and beyond. I believe that with an open mind, you can expand your definition of Creativity and what is possible.

What I offer
I offer you a way, through Coaching, to experience a creative and collaborative process that is designed to help you achieve clarity, maximize your professional and personal potential all the while providing guidance in reaching specific goals. The result is improved productivity and morale while encouraging innovation and ingenuity.

Carrie Katz Coaching offers you a chance to discover fun and innovative exercises, information and tips to help resolve challenges in your workplace, your career and personal life.

Carrie Katz Coaching specializes in exploring Personal Development while promoting enriched team functioning. The result for my clients is a renewed sense of Purpose, Clarity and Vision for your life, career and work-life balance. What is the outcome? You will find that as you hone your awareness you will redefine your goals and aspirations and become productive and motivated in ways you never thought possible.

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