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Co-creative coaching corner is an amazing way to deal with life's transitions and with Creativity Coaching we offer you tools and techniques to find winning solutions to reach your goals. So take a look at this site! You will find I have gathered invaluable tips and ideas to co-create your life with purpose, passion and excellence.

life purpose Coaching is an essential tool for building solutions. If you want abundance or are redefining your life purpose I am devoted to helping you get there.

Discovering your path for success by being accountable and productive is just the beginning.

My mission is helping you find ways on how to change. Use your imagination and lateral thinking to answer questions in your life and ask what would it look like? What will it be, who will you be? What new or old activities interest you that you have not made time for?

Take a step back into your life and be excited about getting started in this co-creative adventure. Tools that help you stay positive, focused and confident. Tools that anchor you in the here and now while imagining and planning for your next step. In finding new ideas I hope you will discover and welcome the chance to enhance and tell YOUR story.

Also feel free to ask for help. Why not retrain, rethink, challenge your selves towards personal growth! Ask about my Creatively Designed Workshops for your team, your conferences and retreats. My goal is to guide you in learning new ways of doing things, of thinking about your self in new ways, of identifying, clarifying and accelerating your vision. You owe it to yourself to fully realize what you are capable of. It is a personal process that belongs to you. I just love to help you get there!

Co-creative Solutions that inspire, motivate and deliver results!
Find inspiring ways to get real results: Think creatively with <br> Co-creative Solutions
Creative solutions with 10 Quick Communication Tips
Good verbal and non-verbal communication requires know-how. Communicate the co-creative way.
Discover Co-creative tools and techniques for success
In the co-creative coaching corner, we want to share tools and techniques with you for success.
Hoffman Process. Dive into the Hoffman Process
Read an article about the Hoffman Process: A profound retreat that gives you tools to change life long negative patterns that do not serve you any more.
Six Thinking Hats is a creativity technique in coaching and workshops
Six Thinking Hats method is inspired by Edward De Bono: a creativity coaching approach to lateral brainstorming. For more information ask us about this workshop for your team!
Education and training has never been this fun
At we offer you methods for personal and professional development. Ask us about our Education and Training program for your team.
Creativity Coaching? Coaching with an eye on the creative nugget inside us all.
What is Creativity Coaching?
What is a Midlife Crisis: a chance for personal transformation.
Middle age, midlife crisis: is that really me in the mirror? Finding yourself searching for life’s meaning, for purpose, can be distressing, but in the search a personal transformation is taking place
Life Transitions: What does it mean? How do you know if you are in one?
Life transitions are challenging for everyone. A coach encourages you to discover and tap into your personal resources, so that the challenge is turned into an opportunity for personal growth
SMART; Creating S.M.A.R.T. GOALS: Setting an Action Plan for Success
Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely: a technique for goal setting. With this tool, build an action plan for success.
How to create an Action Plan
Your Key to Success. Learn how to build an Action Plan with our Creative Coaching Tools
Quote Treasury: Creative quotes and proverbs
We Share our favorite creative quotes and proverbs. Get Inspired!
What is Coaching? Support and guidance to achieve success.
Coaching gives you guidance for professional and personal transformation and gets you unstuck. Get to where you want to go and reach your potential.
Who Am I?
Founder of Carrie Katz Creative. My mission: To encourage, inspire and motivate.
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